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Dear 20 Year Old Self

25 Jun

This post is submitted as a part of the 20SB 5th Birthday Blog Carnival, sponsored by your own post here.

Dear 20 Year Old Me,

What the hell?!  I’d start with a hello, but I think that “what the hell” is more appropriate.  I’m not being mean.  I’m really not.  I just know better now.  And you really need to hear that… that you don’t know everything.  You had a fun, irresponsible year.  Now it is time to grow up.  And I know you will.  But quit taking your sweet time.

First of all, boys.  Seriously?!  The boys who keep you company… they are only doing it for their own benefit…
Well, except for that one.  He really is a nice boy, and he really is interested in you for you.  I wish you would have just opened your eyes enough to see that.  In four years, you will break his heart because you waited too long to realize he wanted to be more than friends.

That boy you met at the political event?  I know you think you kind of blew it.  But don’t stress too much.  He will turn out to be your first true love, and you will make some amazing memories with him.  He will be a rollercoaster ride, and it won’t end up perfectly, but you will be glad it all happened.

There are many more men that I could warn you about, but you’ll end up dealing with them each in a unique way that I would never want you to change.  Because, though sometimes bad experiences, they will form so many of your core beliefs.  And that is something you don’t want to mess with.

If I could give you one piece of advice, though, never trade anything for love, except love.  You are too special and precious to give yourself away so easily.

And for Christ’s sake, if you were smart you would quit your damn job.  Waiting another three years is going to suck so much passion out of you, but the job that will follow will definitely be much more rewarding.

I know you are young, and you have a lot of growing up left to do.  And that is okay.

Just do so for you.  Don’t change for anyone else.  It isn’t worth it.

With Love and Respect,

25 Year Old Bria

PS: Quit wasting your time being angry at your Dad.  It isn’t worth it.  He loves you much more than you know, and he is a much better person than you give him credit for.