Vent, Baby, Vent!

25 Oct
  • Do not complain to me or around me about being poor if you refuse to work or barely work at all.
  • Do not complain to me about your hours being slashed when you don’t take advantage of the extra hours when they are available (knowing full well the whole time that your hours will be slashed).
  • Do not complain to me that you can’t find a job if you won’t take advantage of any of the ones that come your way.
  • Do not complain to me about me not having enough time to spend with you or not doing enough to make your life easier or you happier when I am simply working.  Sorry that my working my ass off is a problem for you.
  • If I am getting home from work after a 12 or 14 hour day, do not bug me.  That means “do not speak unless spoken to, and if i speak to you, don’t blow me off.”  Because if you do, well, it will not be pretty.
  • Do not think for a second that since I work more than you do (or since I work at all and you don’t, in some cases) that you can mooch off of me.  I earn my money, not you.  You have no right to ask for it, expect it, or expect that you can take advantage of it in any way.
  • And finally, I work hard for my money, so if I want to go and blow it all on shoes or jewelry or a vacation, I can.  Do not judge me for it.

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