My baby sister is turning a page.

6 Sep


My baby sister just turned 15.  And I thought that was hard enough.  But tomorrow my baby sister starts high school.

I thought it was tough when my baby sister started liking boys.  I was terrified then.  But now here she is, 15 years old, “in love” with her boyfriend, and starting high school.  She wears makeup and dresses like an adult.  She is no longer a girl, but a beautiful young woman.

I remember how hard high school was for me.  I disliked so much about myself.  I had no idea who I was or who I wanted to be.   I didn’t have quality friends.  I didn’t feel like I fit in.  But my sister, she is not me.  She is beautiful and has a great group of friends.  Sure, there are the bad apples, but overall, I couldn’t wish for better people in her life.  She has a great sense of self and a good head on her shoulders.  She is smart and beautiful and talented and amazing.  She is amazing beyond words.

My baby sister starts high school tomorrow, and it scares me to death.  Not because I think it will go poorly for her.  It scares me because she is growing up too quickly, and I am afraid that too soon she will be graduating high school and college, getting married, and being successful.  And I am afraid that soon, instead of her trying to be like her big sister (as it should be), it will be me trying to become more like her.


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