12 Jul

Today is a day of reflection.  My life lately has been so up and down, and I feel that I simply need to slow the hell down and look at things from a distance.  In doing so, I found the need to jot down a few of things that I love and hate lately.

First, the bad.


  • I hate racism and vandalism.  Last week, a Somali-owned market here in St. Cloud was vandalized.  Somebody spray-painted the store windows with the words “Go Home.”  I do not understand these things.  It makes me sick!  Nobody deserves blatant disrespect like that.
  • I hate catcalls and obscenely sexual things being yelled at me out the windows of vehicles.  Case in point:  I was walking down the street to the store (which is two blocks from my apartment)  the other day wearing a tshirt and denim skirt (the comes almost to my knees).  All of a sudden I hear things like “Shake that a**, baby!”, “Look at those tits!”, and “Honey, can I take you home?” being yelled at me from a car parked across the street.  I wanted to cry.  I felt so unbelievably disrespected.  I do not understand what gives men the idea that they can say things like that.


  • There is a man that I pass a few times per week on my walk to/from work.  He is an elderly man that is probably no taller than me and likely weighs no more than me either.  He is an elderly man with a very bright smile and very dark and weathered skin.  He walks with a walker and I am almost positive that he is a veteran.  Every time that I see him, without fail, he says “Good day, ma’am” with a huge smile and he salutes me.  If we are passing each other on the sidewalk, he will step aside and make a way for me to pass before he continues on his way.  I need to know his story.
  • Tattoos!  I love tattoos!  I have finally decided on what my next will be, and I must say that it will be magnificent!  I am going to get the word believe in Greek, along with a few swallows.  To get an idea of what it will look like, the script looks like this —->πιστεύω and I will have some small swallows such as the ones in this picture.

Author’s note:  This post brought to you from my spot at the lovely White Horse Restaurant and Bar with a little refreshment in the form of Surly Furious.


One Response to “Reflection”

  1. Doniree July 13, 2010 at 5:18 pm #

    Mmm… I want Surly.

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