A billion boxes later…

29 May

It is that time of year again… moving time.  I am leaving my big house and moving into a much smaller apartment.  And as I was franticly packing, hauling my belongings to the garage, and getting ready to move yesterday, I looked around.  Here I was, sitting amongst 30 or 40 boxes and bags upon bags upon bags of stuff… and I realized that is all it is… stuff.

I have so much stuff.

If you were to ask me, I would not be able to tell you what exactly is in all those boxes or why I have it all.  All I know is I have tons of things.  (Actually, I know why I have so many things, but I will get to that later.)  I have bottles upon bottles of hair and face and body products.  I have 50 or so pairs of shoes.  I have 36 pairs of sunglasses.  I have way too many clothes.  I have candles and pictures and stuff and stuff and stuff.

It made me sad seeing this. I have so much stuff, but I have little substance in my life.  I have six large boxes of holiday decorations, but yet I rarely have anybody to spend the holidays with.  I have quite a few dresses, but rarely do I have anybody to get dressed up for and go out with.  I have all of these things but nobody to share it with.  And that, I believe, is why I continue to buy stuff.  I am alone, and when I get something new, for a moment at least I feel a bit less lonely.  But then the newness wears off and I start to feel lonely again, and I buy something else.

It made me sad to see all of my belongings boxed up and tossed in the garage, realizing that I have so much junk in my life and not much that means anything.  And I think this is my year to fix that.  As I move in and unpack, I must de-cluttler.  I will rid my life of the meaningless and unnecessary things, get rid of the things that have negative memories attached, and move on.

Iit was already decided that I am making this the year of Mr. Big… either moving on with the possible Mr. Big that is in my life currently or figuring out what type of person I want my Mr. Big to be.  And maybe by getting rid of all the excess in my life right now, I will make room for that.

Here’s to hoping.


2 Responses to “A billion boxes later…”

  1. Steven Klassen June 1, 2010 at 8:55 am #

    Retail therapy they call it. I hear ya knockin.

  2. Matthew June 1, 2010 at 2:33 pm #

    it sounds like it’s time for spring cleaning!

    and i like this layout. what are you talking about? 😛

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