Ramblings about Relationships

13 May

Why is it so surprising that I have different surface criteria that I look for in men than most?  I am different than most women my age.

I like cigars.  I love whiskey on the rocks.  I am in love with everything jewish.  I prefer sporting events to movies or fashion events.  I DO NOT think that Rob Pattinson is hot.  I do not like foot rubs.  I enjoy plants and wish I could garden.  I love action films.

Need I go on?

So, that said, if I could paint a picture of what my ideal relationship would be like, it would be as follows.

We would spend our vacations traveling to every major league baseball stadium in the country.  We would spend our winters at hockey games.  We would spend our summers at baseball games.  He would know enough about basketball and like it enough to get me to enjoy it (basketball is the one sport I have yet to acquire a taste for).  He would be Jewish and have a family who was accepting of a convert.  He would enjoy hearty meat-and-potatoes meals, but also love trying all types of cuisine (and love sushi!).  He would enjoy going for a couple drinks and a cigar in the evenings, but be able to control his liquor enough to not make a fool of himself.  He would allow me to wear heels and paint my toenails while drinking beer and watching football every Sunday without criticism.  He would understand that sometimes I just need a night out with the girls, and he would make sure not to abandon his friendships.  He would make me laugh and smile all the time, and would help with the dishes.  He would clean the toilet.  He would fold the laundry.  He would also have a very healthy sexual appetite, and would continue to flirt with me long after we are together.  He would not judge me for drinking champagne in the morning.

That would be ideal, but is it possible?  Let’s hope so!


2 Responses to “Ramblings about Relationships”

  1. Steven Klassen May 14, 2010 at 4:35 am #

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say you’re not being honest, but I know a lot of women who were into all the anti-girly things that settled right back into what they truly enjoyed after they got married. I guess it’s not so different from a guy – they do all that courting stuff and then when the honeymoon’s over most guys forget how to open a door or pull out a chair.

    I had a point, but I forgot what it was.

    • devilishdelish May 16, 2010 at 1:06 pm #

      But see, you are kind of off there in regards to me. I am into a lot of the non-girly things and have rarely dated men who were as into sports and cigars and such as myself. And people never believe me when I say that I want those things. I mean, sure I wear dresses and heels and like to shop, but I can do that and enjoy the non girly things as well.

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