And the politicians, fat upon the land, will live very well.

28 Mar

I’ve watched this city burn twice
in my lifetime
and the most notable thing
was the arrival of the
politicians in the
proclaiming the wrongs of
the system
and demanding new
policies toward and for the

nothing was corrected last
nothing will be corrected this

the poor will remain poor.
the unemployed will remain
the homeless will remain

and the politicians,
fat upon the land, will live
very well.

-Riots, Charles Bukowski, 1992

I was born when Ronald Reagan was in office and spent my early childhood with George H. W. Bush as president.  Then there was Bill Clinton for the remainder of my childhood and tween years.  By the time I finally was able to understand the political mess, I was in fifth or sixth grade and Slick Willie was gettin’ friendly with Monica and the whole world found out.  Soon after came George Bush and 9/11.  And, as we all know, its been a quick ride downhill from there.

As far as politics goes, I think my generation has it pretty hard.  We have had nothing but a long line of crooks, liars, and pricks leading the country.  We have seen mess after mess after mess and nobody has done anything to fix it.  We have been given no reason to have faith in our government.  We watched as the country traded in a man who made a few mistakes and lied about where he was getting his “relief” from for a man who lied about his reasons for sending our men into war.  And we had no say.

And here we are… 2010.  I was given the chance to vote for president for the first time in my life.  I was excited and I chose the route that seemed best… to support the supposedly progressive candidates that fit so many of my ideals; who looked most able to help bring to reality the hopes and dreams I have had.  And given the best shot in the world… having everything handed to them-a fresh piece of paper to rewrite it on and start new with- they blew it.  We are back to the same old lies and tactics that I’ve seen my whole life.  We have sold out to big business and we have forgotten the people who hold this country together.  This nation is crumbling and nobody cares to fix it.  They settle for the band-aid on the broken leg.  It does no good, but at least they can say they did something, anything.

The politicians have their money and their healthcare and their pensions.  They don’t have to worry at all.  They will die before the effects of the nation’s debt hits.  But I won’t.  My children won’t.  My grandchildren won’t either.  We have to bear the burden.

I do not understand how many of these politicians sleep at night.

I may sound bitter, and I am.  I have no reason to have faith in this government that I live under.  I have no reason to have hope for the future.  And you can try and tell me that I can change things… that it takes each person getting involved to make a difference.  You can try and tell me that my voice matters.  But that isn’t true.  I am too honest for it all.  I am too good at heart for politics.


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